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Amazing Lord Ganesha Painting For Your New Home Or Office

Lord Ganesha is a prominent figure in Indian art paintings. He is worshipped widely and is considered to be the Lord for auspicious beginnings, a remover of obstacles, success, prosperity, and intellect. If you want to channelize some positive energy into your home, you must make room for Lord Ganesha. Plus, Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God, is a great art motif and can fit in beautifully with almost any look. A beautiful Lord Ganesha painting at your home or office is the perfect way to make your space look more sophisticated, and bring in some positivity at the same time.

Ganpati is considered as the protector and that is the reason we always worship him before starting something new in our life.

Ganesha paintings are a great way to decorate one’s interiors at home or office as it beautifies the place. Ganesha’s relevance extends beyond the Indian subcontinent as people from abroad revere him, and admire his figure.

You can look for Lord Ganesha paintings on canvas or walls or Ganesha-themed art if you want to add a spiritual touch to your interiors.

Amazing Lord Ganesha Painting For Your New Home Or Office

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Lord Ganesha paintings: decorating your home or office

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while choosing a Lord Ganesha painting to decorate your space with:

  1. If you are choosing a bigger Ganesha painting- make it the statement piece on the wall. Ideally, don’t hang any other paintings or photographs on it.
  2. Lord Ganesha paintings come in many colors and forms. Choose one that suits your theme, and complements the space. 
  3. Experiment with abstract shapes for your sitting area. Go for abstract Lord Ganesha paintings that come in strong colors.
Lord Ganesha painting to decorate your space

  1. If your home has an ethnic feel to it, using a Lord Ganesha painting where he is depicted as a kid will be a pleasantly unconventional choice.
  2. You can never go wrong with a graphic black and white Lord Ganesha painting.
  3. You can hang fairy lights near your Ganesha painting, so that it looks eye-catching and serene even when the lights are turned out.
  4. Look for paintings by or inspired by Jamini Roy. They will immediately give your room a distinct look. 
  5. You can make your wall look like a mock shrine by hanging lanterns or diyas from the ceiling near your Lord Ganesha painting, and placing a bowl of flowers on a stool under it.
  6. A Lord Ganesha panel above your sofa makes for an excellent accent. Choose one whose color contrasts with your wall color.
  7. Add a bold frame to add some dramatic effect to your Ganesha painting. Keep the frame simple and of solid color to set off the painting in the best way. 

If you want to make sure that your Ganpati painting is right for your office or home, consider a few things before making a purchase.

Meaning of Lord Ganesha Paintings and other artworks

If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha, then you must surely know the hidden meaning in the elements of Ganesha’s artworks. Before buying any beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha or any other artwork, you must be aware what effect your choice of artwork of Lord Ganesha will have on your office and your fortune.

Mural example

Meaning of Lord Ganesha Paintings

You must have looked at an abstract painting of Lord Ganesha, some mural paintings of Lord Ganesha, other acrylic paintings, or glass painting images of Lord Ganesha. But have you looked at the minute details of these paintings and wondered what they meant? 

Interpretations of paintings of Lord Ganesha images

  • When we see Lord Ganesha’s pictures in art, we always see that the head is big. Since an elephant’s head replaced the head he was born with, it is logical that even in painting, it will be portrayed in a large proportion. This suggests that our head(brain) is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. It has the ability to absorb vast knowledge and wisdom, and there is nothing more important than it.
  • In all painting images of Lord Ganesha and other artworks, we see that the belly is usually quite large. A common interpretation of it is that Ganesha loves sweets, and the large belly is the result of that!. But the real message an artist wants to convey is that we should take happiness and sadness both on the same scale.
  • If you look at Lord Ganesha, you will notice that one out of the two tusks is broken. There are two interpretations to this specific detail. The first interpretation is that Ganesha broke his tusk and used it as a pen to write Mahabharata. The second interpretation is that Parashuram used a weapon from Lord Shiva to attack Ganesha. He took the blow to keep the honor of his father. These two instances teach us that the broken tusk represents humility and sacrifice.
  • The tiny eye of Lord Ganesha represents focus and high concentration.

It is a common belief that it’s a bad omen to keep painting images of Lord Ganesha that has two tusks.

Vastu rules for hanging Lord Ganesha paintings

Let these Vastu tips help you place Lord Ganesha’s paintings in the proper place for a positive effect. Most of these tips apply to both Lord Ganesha’s paintings as well as idols.

  • Never place a Ganesha painting facing south because it will have adverse effects instead of doing any good. 
  • The most desirable places to hang your Lord Ganesha paintings are west, north-east, or north direction. According to Vastu experts, placing Ganesha paintings in the north or northeast wall will bring stability to your marital life. It is also the direction in which Lord Shiva resides.
  • To positively affect health, put beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha in the dining room.
  •  Avoid placing Ganesha paintings near a toilet or a washroom as it emits negative energy.Vacant areas like underneath a staircase, storage room, laundry room, garage, and bedrooms are not ideal places to hang  Ganesha paintings. They radiate bad energy.
  • If you are moving into a new house or have bought a new office, then placing Ganesha paintings at the entrance is advisable. This is because Lord Ganesha’s presence is supposed to keep negative energy at bay and usher in prosperity and good luck.
  • Vastu experts recommend placing white Ganesha paintings in your home or office to invite harmony, peace, and prosperity into your lives. It also brings stability when placed in the right direction in your home or office.
  • Vastu experts also prefer vermilion color paintings of Lord Ganesha for offices. They are supposed to bring success and growth.
Vastu rules for hanging Lord Ganesha paintings

  • Surprisingly, Vastu experts try to discourage people from buying dancing images of deities for prayer rooms. In his dancing form,  Ganesha represents the furious forms of deities.
  • However, other Vastu experts say that a dancing Ganesha art painting increases positivity if placed in a southeast direction. 

We would suggest you take the advice of a vastu professional expert who can have a look at your home or office, the position and direction it is in and provide you with accurate advice.

Amazing Lord Ganesha paintings

Are you thinking of putting up an acrylic painting of Lord Ganesha or abstract Lord Ganesha paintings in your home or office? Great decision!

Ganesha artwork is a thing of beauty, and it will add a touch of serenity to your room or office walls. The perfect way to start a new business or start living in a new house is by placing a Lord Ganesha painting in it. 

Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, intellect, and understanding; it is the perfect addition to your home and office. It brings positive energy into your lives if you hang Ganesha paintings on your walls. Ganesha is the symbol of perseverance in the face of diversity.

Having a Ganesha painting on your walls will give you the strength to push through difficult times to come out victorious in the end.

Amazing Lord Ganesha paintings

Ganesha painting for office

Types of Lord Ganesha Paintings

Lord Ganesha has 32 forms. Accordingly, there are 32 forms of Lord Ganesha paintings. Artists depict him in all his forms. The 32 forms are:

  • Bala Ganpati
  • Taruna Ganapati
  • Bhakti Ganapati
  • Vira Ganapati
  • Shakti Ganapati
  • Dvija Ganapati
  • Siddhi Ganapati
  • Uchhista Ganapati
  • Vighna Ganapati
  • Kshipra Ganapati
  • Heramba Ganapti
  • Sri Ganapati
  • Maha Ganapati
  • Vijaya Ganapati
  • Nrtya Ganapati
  • Urdhva Ganapati
  • Ekashara Ganapati
  • Vara Ganapati
  • Tryakshara Ganapati
  • Kshipra Prasada Ganapati
  • Haridra Ganapati
  • Ekdanta Ganapati
  • Srishti Ganapati
  • Uddanda Ganapati
  • Rinamochana Ganapati
  • Dhundhi Ganapati
  • Dvimukha Ganapati
  • Trimukha Ganapati
  • Sinha Ganapati
  • Yoga Ganapati
  • Durga Ganapati
  • Sankatahara Ganapati

Other than that, artists often depict him as sitting, dancing or standing in the paintings. Sometimes he is even seen fighting the demons- in some others, you can see him with his family as a child. You can even find Ganapati in contemporary situations. 

One of the most seen paintings of Lord Ganesha is of him sitting with the four arms, which represent the four inner attributes of the mind: Manas ( memory ), Buddhi ( intellect ), Ahamkara ( ego ), and Chitta ( conscience ). All the four attributes combine to represent Lord Ganesha- which is pure consciousness. Different variations of Ganesha paintings based on different color combinations are also available.

Now that you are aware of the importance and significance of the elements of Lord Ganesha’s paintings, you can make a more educated selection while choosing a Lord Ganesha painting to buy. 

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Lord Ganesha is the one who provides prosperity, fortune, and success Posess  beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha for your home and office. A fantastic Lord Ganesha painting will be a perfect addition to your life if you have just bought a house or started a business. 


1. Which direction should Lord Ganesha painting face?

A. Most of us usually keep Lord Ganesha painting  at home without knowing exactly where and how to place it. To remove all obstacles from your life and attract wealth and good health, one should follow certain simple vastu rules. A Lord Ganesha paintings should face the north, northeast, or east direction. Placing the painting in these directions will ensure stability in your married life. It would help if you did not place a Ganesha painting in an area near a bathroom, toilet, storage, dining room, basement, or garage. A Lord Ganesha painting should not face south as it may bring more harm than good to your life. 

2. How can I place Lord Ganesha’s painting at the entrance?

A. If you have bought a new house, then placing beautiful Lord Ganesha paintings at the entrance is advisable by Vastu experts. Ensure to check the direction in which the painting is facing when installing it at the entrance, as a south-facing painting is not advisable. Make sure that the back of the Ganpati painting or the photo is facing the main entrance/exit of the home. 
Take a Vastu expert’s advice to look at your home or office and see the directions and position and advise you based on that.

3. What are the benefits of buying paintings of Lord Ganesha images?

A. Lord Ganesha’s art paintings are auspicious and help keep away the negative vibes in your home or office. Lord Ganesha is known as a destroyer of obstacles, and with this in mind, if you hand a Ganesha painting in your office, it will help you achieve success in your work. Colorful art paintings of Ganesha are beautiful to look at and spread positive energy around the house.

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