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Buy the Best Ceiling Wallpapers in India

Make your ceiling look stunning with wallpaper artwork. Buy ceiling wallpapers in India from Wall Curry.

You can make a dense room look spacious by using suitable wallpaper on the ceiling. Wall decoration is not just what type of wallpaper you use but also where you place it. Often called the “5th wall”, the room’s ceiling is an excellent opportunity for interior designers to express their authenticity and create a beautiful space.

False Ceiling Wallpaper

False ceiling wallpaper is in fashion these days! Wise homeowners prefer clean or stylish false ceiling wallpapers. When it comes to remodelling or redecorating homes, people often forget about the top and move ahead. If you plan to redecorate your false ceiling, wallpaper can do wonders in the room.

The bright colors on wallpaper always add a specific character to the room, for example, in the living room or the dining room. These areas are always full of valuable furniture. Therefore, ceiling wallpaper with bright and block colors will give a new look to the room.

The ceiling should not be taken lightly and should be painted in dark colors if you want to create a moody, regal look. Give your ceiling the olde manor treatment look to make the room feel cozier.

False Ceiling 3d wallpaper

And if you are looking for experimenting with motifs, look no further. Buy a false ceiling 3D wallpaper for your false ceiling. Since viewing the art at the top is an absolute pleasure, go crazy with ideas for decorating your home. We provide 3D design wallpapers that you can paste to your fifth wall. We have 3D designs like moulding designs , concentric circles, Monochromatic Abstract Ceiling Art wallpapers etc. .

Ceiling wallpaper for the kitchen

White kitchens are here, but yellow kitchens also have a timeless style. These niche designs have different features due to the warmth and character they bring to the table. Add to home decoration with digital wallpaper for your kitchen ceiling.

Lovely flowers can make your kitchen ceiling look extraordinary. As you can imagine the picture, walking this route is the smartest thing you can do in the kitchen. Wallpapers with floral patterns can be applied on the ceiling. In addition these wallpapers can be changed anytime and anywhere.

Cloud wallpaper on the ceiling

The blue patterns of false ceiling wallpaper are dreamy. If you like subtle designs and want to keep the false ceiling different in beauty, feel free to consider a false ceiling wallpaper design. Many housekeepers are following this trend.

Geometric designs are always the best for interior decoration and design. If you can decide on a combination of vibrant color and style, these false ceiling wallpapers provide the absolute energy in space.

Ceiling wallpaper

If the room is long and narrow, adding a false private wallpaper is the best bet. If you want to fix your room quickly, carved wallpapers are perfect. Not to mention that guest rooms can be redesigned with this strategy.

White is the color of peace, beauty, and happiness that everyone sees in their home. If you want to add harmony to your space, keep it white.

Beautiful ceiling wallpaper

False ceiling wallpaper is a great way to add decorative lengths to living spaces. These wallpaper images have a velvet pattern that looks soft and cool when you touch them.

  • Tropical paintings and designs have attracted much attention over the past few years. Bring your style to your large room with digitally printed wallpaper. Verify the correct installation.
  • Carved, abstract or both, choose a pleasing look if you are a calm soul. Patterns and pops confirm the boho home decoration! Create art with your false ceiling wallpaper ideas with a variety of designs.
  • Our Satin Wallpaper stands and shines without interruption. Also, these wallpapers are available at affordable prices.

This generation is into organic stuff so our non-woven paper Wallcovering is an ongoing option. Due to its natural base, it is not a washable wallpaper. Therefore, install it carefully.

Frequently asked questions

Can we put wallpaper on the ceiling ?

Decorating a wall is not just about what kind of wallpaper you are using. It is also about where you put it. Often called the “5th wall”, the room’s ceiling is an excellent opportunity for interior designers to express their authenticity and create a beautiful space.

Wallpaper is an impressive (and often limited!) way to make your ceilings look interesting.  It is an attribute that would quickly add color, look, and artistic touch to your ceiling.

When popular bright white rooms dominate, many of us may fear that the color or pattern is beyond our control. You may feel like wallpapered rooms take you back in time. But there are many ways to make wallpapers work in the right way. A creative option you never thought of- could you put it on your ceiling ?

Think about it. And browse the Wall Curry collection for more ideas.

How to remove wallpaper from the ceiling?

Remove wallpaper from the ceiling using a putty knife. Starting in the corner, roll up, open the paper with a knife and wipe. Work gently to avoid damaging the locking area. Keep rubbing until the piece is finished.

How to choose a ceiling wallpaper?

Decide on the basis of how the room will be used and how often it will be used when choosing a wallpaper pattern. Choose the right style. For a formal look, choose large designs with unique colors. Choose small, open and regular blank motifs for a fun, bright tone, like polka dots. Do not forget the decorative effect of the borders. And for your convenience, we have a fantastic collection to follow at Wall Curry.

Does the wallpaper cover the cracks in the ceiling?

Yes, wallpaper can cover cracks and other minor imperfections in walls. If you want the wallpaper to hide gaps, cracks, and crevices in walls, go to Wall Curry!

What are ceiling murals?

Ceiling paintings are works of art  directly on the ceiling. Some famous examples of these murals are the stars on the ceiling of a large stadium in New York’s Grand Central Station and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Ceiling paintings can be turned into works of art art, with oil paintings frescoes, stencils, and decals.

Fresco-style paintings are made of a mixture of paint and concrete. The fresco style was popular during the Renaissance, and many churches throughout Europe had a fresco ceiling . The artist adds color to a thin layer of concrete and paints it into smaller pieces. Once the concrete has dried, the pigment adheres to the concrete and forms a durable film.

If you want to add some interest to your ceiling- buy ceiling wallpapers in India from Wall Curry.