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The drawing room is your home’s visiting card. It is the place where you entertain your visitors, and the first place you may direct them when they come to your home. So it goes without saying that the drawing room plays a big role in impressing your social circle. A cool wallpaper for drawing room walls will inject a lot of personality into the room- and help you create one hell of an impression on your visitors.

And we have got your back, with a great collection of wallpapers. Browse the Wall Curry collection NOW!

Classic wallpapers for drawing room walls

The drawing room is what many people want to keep interesting- but in a soothing way. Well, for them, we have a variety of options. Geometric prints and shapes are always a hit for drawing rooms. They lend a chic, sophisticated vibe to your room without being too bold.

The good thing about such designs is that they form the perfect background to statement wall art. Be it clocks, paintings, wall hangings or other art installations- with the right contrast with your wallpaper, they can enliven your room.

Wallpaper designs for drawing room

If you want to keep your drawing room sophisticated with a twist, go for stately designs. Our collection of wallpapers in moulding motifs will lend your drawing room a distinctly old world look. You can indulge your love for ornate fixtures and furniture with these, and make your guests feel like they are visiting a duchess in her mansion.

Best wallpapers for drawing room- murals

It goes without saying that if you want to impress someone- make a statement. The best way to do that for your drawing room is to create an accent wall. Keeping the other ones plain- go for a statement mural wallpaper on the accent front.

Go bold and go for rich colors. Jewel tones, bold florals, geometric shapes, landscapes or interesting abstracts- a mural will be eye-catching and keep your guests awed.For an added effect, wallpaper the ceiling in a complementing solid hue, and add a dramatic flair to your room.

Modern wallpaper for drawing room

If you are a through and through city girl your drawing room can be a good showcase for your personality. Use the walls to showcase the city of your choice- or cities in general.

You can pay homage to the instantly recognizable views of Seville streets, or the Rome Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower in Paris of London’s Big Ben. You can also go for cityscapes that showcase the city lit up at night or some stylish doodle renderings of the city skylines.

Latest wallpapers for drawing room: the artistic trend

For the artists and art lovers- we bring the trendiest option in home decor right now- pop art style wallpapers with a distinctly global vibe. If you are a modern art enthusiast, try our Warholesque pop art designs.

If you want your style to be more literal, recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Nights or Monet’s Water Lilies on your walls.

Or you can go for beautiful impressionistic interpretations of European country side on your walls. These wallpapers will give you room a distinctly pastoral vibe.

Grunge and industrial style wallpaper ideas for drawing room

Want to give a distinctly edgy vibe to your drawing room? Go for wallpapers that can recreate a weathered effect. You can use one wall to highlight with a brightly coloured, weathered-wall motif, or go all out on all the walls.

Keep the rest of the room low key, and add lighter, sleeker furniture for balancing out the whole effect.

Library-themed 3D wallpaper for drawing room wall

If you are a bibliophile- turn your drawing room to act out your fantasy of having the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that Belle discovered in the Beast’s library. Go for library themed wallpapers on one accent wall- and it will make your own bookshelves look endless.

With some worn leather-upholstered furniture and dark furnishings, your drawing room will be like catnip for academia enthusiasts.

PS- keep a plush couch that you can sink into with your favourite read for your nights in.

Drawing room wallpaper ideas for the travellers

If you are a traveller at heart- showcase the love for the road on your wall. We have various world-map themed wallpapers that you can put up to create an impact. They will inspire your dreams about your next destination.

You can also pay homage to your favourite cities on your wall- or simply put up nautical-themed designs. If you don’t want to be so literal- dress your living room like an exotic paradise with the help of Arabesque, Turkish or Moroccan motifs. These are rich patterns that will add some serious drama to your drawing room. And you can go for some exotic-looking furniture and furnishings to top it up.

Textured wallpaper ideas for drawing rooms

If you want to go the classic rooms and add a homey vibe to your drawing room- go for textured wallpapers. The tactile aesthetic adds much depth to the room. Go for comfortable looking furniture, and add complimentary accents in the form of pops of colors on sofa cushions, rugs, drapes and flower arrangements.

Remember- the key to nailing these kind of looks is to stick to either warm or cool palettes. Do not mix the two.

Modern botanical drawing room design wallpaper

A cool botanical motif will always make a bold statement. Choose some tropical foliage patterns for your drawing room. Keep your furniture simple with clean lines, and add accents that play up the colors on the wallpaper design.

Drawing room 3D wallpapers in bold colors

You can go for bold, brightly colored abstracts to create a drawing room full of personality. To balance the impact- treat your accent wall to a bright, eye catching motif- and contrast that side with some light-colored furniture and decorations. Keep the rest of the room simple but go for darker furniture.

With your wall being the focus of the look- keep the furniture simple and elegant.

No matter how you want to decorate your drawing room- Wall Curry has many options for you. Go through our collections right away, and choose the one that sings to you.


Which wallpaper is best for drawing room?

The best wallpaper for your drawing room is the one that suits the aesthetic you have in mind. You should decide on a theme first- and then choose your wallpaper accordingly. If you want to open up your room, go for lighter shades, pastels or elegant moulding style wallpapers. If you want to create a more cozy vibe- rich, deeper colors should be the way to go.

You can also create an accent wall and go for bold motifs there. Choose from our vast collection and start designing now. Shop Wall Curry today!

How do you pick wallpaper for a drawing room?

To pick the right wallpaper for your drawing room- you should look at which design creates the most impact. The point about choosing a wallpaper is that you can experiment with it. Wallpapers can be used to not only dress up your room, but also manipulate perceptions of space. They are less expensive and less fussy than actually painting the walls- so you can experiment with some designs before landing on a signature look. And lastly- you can use them to hide any design flaws or signs of damage.

Go for wallpapers that will have a smooth finish. Order from reputed designer websites like Wall Curry instead of going for usual designs on mass market online places.