Wallcurry is committed to protect your privacy and your personal data. Any personal information (PI) such as E-mail ID, telephone or mobile number, postal or mailing address and/or credit card information will never be shown or distributed to third parties and/or other companies for any reason. We use your personal information (PI) exclusively to communicate with you and process your order(s).
No payments are processed on the Wallcurry servers at any time. Every transaction is made and processed on the secure servers of our payment gateway and is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level available commercially). Wallcurry and its employees do not have access to your payment information at any time.

Entire agreement

These Terms & Conditions together with our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your use of our website, and supersede all previous agreements in respect of your use of this website.

Specific rules and terms concerning the purchase and use of our product(s) and the use of images to produce those products

Damages to Wall Surfaces

Wallcurry does not accept any responsibility for any damage to your wall surfaces as a result of the application of its wallpaper(s).

The selection of the wall, wall surface, application material and finishing methods are the choice and sole responsibility of the purchaser. Wallcurry will not accept any liability for any damages caused to wall finishes during DIY installation.


Wallcurry accepts that it is responsible for supplying a product perfectly cut and presented as ordered by our client.

  • Wallcurry does not accept any responsibility for DIY installation problems or for mistakes in cutting, gluing, or fixing its wallpaper(s) by the customer.
  • Wallcurry does not undertake any installation by itself. We merely share data of certain subcontractor(s) who do installation. We do not accept any responsibility for their charges or quality of work done by them.
  • Wallcurry does not accept responsibility for the removal of wallpaper(s) that it installs or for any damages that may occur from the removal or uninstallation of its product(s) – at any time.

Use of Uploaded Images & Copyright Infringement

  • Wallcurry can, in no way, be held responsible for copyright infringement resulting from the use of custom images/photos/artwork uploaded by any user for printing into a wallpaper.
  • It is clearly understood that the use of any image/photo/artwork is the full responsibility of the customer and that all uploads are made with the full understanding, sanction and approval of the owner of such files.
  • Any breach or infringement of image copyright will be considered as the fault of the customer and Wallcurry will not accept any liability for such breach.
  • If there is any doubt regarding the legal rights or restrictions applicable to any image/photo/artwork file, Wallcurry strongly recommendations that the file is not uploaded on its website or used to create a Wall Curry product.
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