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Every home has that corner where you can connect with your God. Pooja rooms are tranquil spaces where you can feel one with your deities spiritually. What better way to create the perfect haven for peace than to do it up with some beautiful wallpapers? Buy wallpapers for pooja room online at Wall Curry and usher in some peaceful vibes in your home.

Puja Wallpapers– the spiritual significance

We all know that a space for worship should be styled right to invite some peaceful energy into the home. Decorating your pooja room is not just about making it look nice- it is about enhancing the spiritual aura in your home.

Of course, while ensuring some good vibes, you can decorate your puja room such that it serves as the perfect backdrop for your God. Go for serene, soothing tones and effects like white, pastels, ink splashes, fluid arts, feathery textures and gentle swirls on the walls to open up your pooja chamber and create a soothing atmosphere.

Gorgeous wallpaper for mandir wall

If you want your Gods to reside in a place befitting the kings- go for rich designs, colors and textures. You can use, golden-brown, various shades of red and green to form the perfect background for your mandir wall. Jewel tones will impart a sense of richness to your puja room. You may choose Pichwai designs in various tones of yellow, orange, red, green etc. 

Choosing the right colors for the wallpaper for puja room

As we know, colors carry special symbolism- and each color brings a unique energy into the house. The color you choose for your puja room will impact your home’s energy. Here is a handy color guide as per the Vastu Shastra:


The color that symbolizes wisdom and patience. Often associated with Lord Krishna, this color is supposed to be ideal for puja rooms.


The color of power and bravery. It is the color associated with Shakti or the divine feminine in Hinduism. Worshippers of Durga can use this as the dominant theme in their puja room.


A color that represents two elements- water and sky. Blue is a color that signifies truth, emotions, inspiration, devotion and intelligence. It is the color associated with Lord Shiva.


The color of nature, fruitfulness, healing, harmony and hope. Green has rejuvenating properties and has a strong connection with growth in nature.


The color of peace, purity and openness- white is a serene color that is a very popular choice for puja rooms.


The color of optimism, opportunity and happiness. Orange is also often associated with Lord Hanuman.

According to Vastu Shastra- your pooja room should in your home’s North-East corner where it can get the most sunlight. Ideally, yellow should be the dominant color in your puja room.

No matter what color you choose for your pooja room- Wall Curry has got your back.

Nature-themed puja room wallpaper

If you want your deities to have the perfect natural backdrop- go for some beautiful Landscape wallpapers for pooja room. Think how serene it will look if Lord Krishna and Radha get a lush forest or a riverbank in their background. Or how majestic Lord Shiva will look if you recreate the snow-capped mountains behind him- as an homage to his divine abode at Kailash Parbat.

You can also recreate lush fields with golden grains as the perfect background for Lord Ganesha or Laxmi- who grant you wealth and prosperity.

Pooja wallpapers for special days

We know you want to create the best abode for your God. Which is why, we have a variety of wallpapers that will help you create the perfect space to connect with them spiritually.

What’s more- for special days or seasons, you can actually choose a different look for your prayer room and deck it up accordingly. Think of the special decorations you can do for Diwali or Shravan maas, or during Raas season.

On Navaratri, you can actually use a different wallpaper each day in honor of the goddess. For the nine days, you can rotate through themes according to color:

1st Day- Orange

2nd Day- White

3rd Day- Red

4th Day- Royal Blue

5th Day- Yellow

6th Day- Green

7th Day- Grey

8th Day- Purple

9th Day- Peacock Green

For other special occasions like Onam or Gudi Padwa- you can opt for temporary festive wallpapers. Go for rich patterns in red, gold, yellow, dark green and orange and get in the festive mood. The good thing about wallpapers is that they can be temporary installations. If you want to observe multiple festivals in your home, you can just update the decor as you feel like at minimum cost and energy.

And Wall Curry can help you find the right decor for your special days to have the Gods shower their blessings on you.

Meditation wallpaper designs with Lord Buddha

When it comes to depicting peace, enlightenment and tranquillity- Lord Buddha wallpapers will be the perfect choice. With his image on your walls, you can bring some positive energy into your home. You can opt for wallpapers that depict the enlightened one in your place of worship. We have many options that depict Lord Buddha in his serene avatars.

If you have a meditation corner in your house- Gautama Buddha can be the One to have on your walls. You can feel his peaceful presence pervading the room- which can get you in that perfect zone for concentrating and contemplating about life and the universe.

Marble- the perfect Pooja room wallpaper texture

It goes without saying that white marble is the perfect backdrop for a place of worship. If you don’t have a  marbled space for your deities and idols- you can easily recreate the effect with some wallpapers with a marble theme.

You can put it on the wall behind the deities. This way, you can bring in some soothing energy into your home and make your home look like a miniature temple.

Pooja room wallpaper designs with lotuses

Lotuses have a special place in Indian philosophy. These beautiful flowers have close ties to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is the flower associated with many Hindu Gods- most notable of them being Lord Vishnu and his avatar Lord Krishna.

It is also linked to Lord Buddha- who is often depicted with a lotus in his hand, or in his “padmapani” form. Lotuses symbolize purity, wisdom, tranquillity, regeneration and enlightenment.

What better way to deck your pooja room than by putting up a wallpaper with the serene lotus flower in the background? Go for a pond with pink water lilies, or for a mural depicting Lord Buddha’s hands holding a lotus stem.

Home mandir wallpapers

At the end of the day- your mandir is the spiritual centre of your home, and you can decorate it as you like. Create a space where you can communicate with the divine and get in touch with your inner self.

Remember- this is the space from which serenity radiates. If you can create a beautiful home for your Gods- you will find inner peace, and the lords will shower their blessings on you.

Wall Curry has many beautiful options for you to decorate your Pooja room. Browse our collection and order today!


Which wallpaper is best for pooja room?

Usually, yellow is recommended by Vastu experts as the ideal color for a place of worship. So, you can get wallpapers that are yellow or orange in color. However- there is no hard and fast rule about it.

Colors like yellow, white or orange can open up your pooja or meditation room and make it feel more welcoming and serene. If you have a presiding deity and want to decorate your prayer room accordingly- go for the color associated with them.

Motifs like sun and lotuses are considered auspicious for homes. You can choose a wallpaper that depicts them to bring some positive energy into your home. You may choose from our pichwai design wallpapers for your pooja room . Go through our collection of wallpapers at Wall Curry and take your pick.

How can I decorate my Puja room?

There are many ways to decorate your puja room. You can opt for serene tones like white, beige or cream as the dominant theme for your prayer room. But you can also opt for colors that are closely associated with the Gods you worship, for eg, yellow/orange with Lord Krishna, blue for Lord Shiva and red for Goddess Durga.

You can even have a mural in the background, which depicts nature or lotus flowers. For meditation rooms, Lord Buddha can be the perfect motif in your decor- you may have murals, paintings or idols depicting his serene visage.

If you want to usher in some positive energy, you can also consult with a Vaastu expert and follow their directions in decorating your Puja room. Understand what colors will work for you, what deities to keep and the correct placement of other puja items that can have a positive effect on your health and wealth.

Check out our wallpapers- Wall Curry has many options for you to choose from.

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