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Buy Modern Bedroom Wallpaper for Wall

If a woman’s home is her castle, then the bedroom is her sanctuary. The most personal area of your home should feel like your own- and we have some great modern bedroom wallpapers for walls that you can use to create your dream bedroom. At Wall Curry, we bring to you some great wallpapers to do your bedroom up with. Browse our collection and start choosing TODAY.

Bedroom wallpapers that speak to you

Your bedroom should reflect who YOU are on the inside. And wallpapers are the perfect way to play that up. The bedroom is the most intimate part of the house- it is where we sleep, dream and reveal our innermost selves. With the right wallpaper, you can induce a soothing effect that will make you feel relaxed and safe.

At Wall Curry, you choose from multiple options. Here are some great ideas for you.

Mural wallpapers for bedroom wall

An accent wall makes for a great addition to the bedroom. You can choose the one behind your headboard, and cover in it a mural-style wallpaper. Go for single-themed, broad designs. Opt for eye-catching urban themes like aged exteriors, dreamy landscapes, and renditions of alpine countryside. A good mural wall can really open up your bedroom.

Floral wallpaper designs for bedrooms

Bedroom is THE place to go flowery. Floral wallpapers are great for sleeping areas as they radiate a soothing energy. With flowers on your walls, you can dream that you are sleeping in a field or meadow, and are surrounded by sweet fragrances.

Go for patterned roses, cherry blossoms and daisies to create an ethereal atmosphere.

Pop art modern bedroom wallpapers

If you are a pop culture enthusiast- let that reflect on your bedroom walls. We have many pop art-themed wallpapers that can brighten up your room. Put style icons like Marilyn Monroe or tech gurus like Steve Jobs on your wall.

Recreate the nightlife and the cityscapes inside your bedroom. If you are a music enthusiast- go for your own jazz quartet on the wall. Go for urban graffiti for an edgy look, or bring out the speedster inside with some racing car wallpapers. If you want to go quirky and urban- we have lots of options for you.

Travel themed bedroom wallpaper ideas

What can be more sophisticated, urban and chic than a European bedroom? The last word in modern elegance- go for wallpapers that have a distinct Continental vibe. Recreate the Seine and the Seville streets on your walls for that chic vibe, or some grand views of European architecture.

Get the cobbled streets on your wall to create that dusk-tinged, romantic feel. You can also opt for some cool scenes from Venice, London, Santorini, Paris and Rome in different stylistic iterations. That way- you can always dream of being in the most beautiful cities on earth.

On the other hand, when it comes to modern urban dreams- nothing beats Americana. Choose Mount Rushmore or the skylines of Chicago or New York to adorn your walls. If you are a city girl through and through- bring the city inside your home and turn your apartment into the ultimate urban alcove.

Pastels for trendy bedroom wallpaper designs

Because when it comes to softness and relaxed energy- nothing beats pastels. And they never really go out of style. Light pastels will help you open up your bedroom and help you distress. Opt for pinks, peaches, mauves, soft greens and eggshell blues to make your bedroom feel airier and lighter.

Abstract bedroom wallpaper patterns

What can be as abstract as ink splashes? We have many options for you in a variety of colors. With our ink splash designs, you can make your bedroom look airier- while adding a dash of bright color that gives in a dreamy vibe.Go for splashes on pink, purple, bright green and blues.

The other unconventional option can be wallpapers that look like rock crystals under a microscope. Recreate the interior of an agate or opal on your bedroom walls, and you can feel like you are going to sleep in a jewel cave. Think of the amazing dreams they can inspire!

Modern bedroom wallpaper designs in deep colors

Of course- for many, the bedroom is a place for reflection and dreaming. If you are one who likes your bedroom cozy and warm- go for deep hues on your walls.Opt for colors like midnight blue, navy, charcoal, emerald green, reddish brown or rich woodsy tones.

You can offset them with lighter furniture and fixtures, or deepen the effect with some dark, antique furniture.

Pro tip: If you are a bookworm, this can be your perfect nook. Get a wrought iron or dark wooden bookcase for your bedroom, add some plushy pillows, switch on your nightlight and prepare for midnight reading marathons!

Cute kids bedroom wallpapers

At the end of the day- your child’s bedroom is THE MOST IMPORTANT place in the house. Transform their space into a wonderland by doing up their walls with some beautiful wallpapers. From animal friends to doodles, world travel to geometric shapes- we have a variety of child-friendly options that will enliven up the nurseries and children’s studies.

There are many more themes to explore- and so many different ways to transform your bedroom. Check out the Wall Curry collection and find the right wallpaper for your bedroom NOW!


Is wallpaper good for bedrooms?

Wallpapers are great for any room- not just your bedroom. Without going through the hassle of re-painting your walls or splurging on decor, you can elevate your bedroom with some good wallpapers. Your bedroom is the most personal place in your home- and you can do it up any way you like. If you want to make it a cozy space- go for deep hues. If you want to open your bedroom up- go for pastels and light shades. Go for abstract, serene themes like ink splashes or geometric shapes- or go bold with some pop art and cityscape designs. Just remember- it is YOUR space, so make it up the way YOU want to.

Wall Curry offers something for everyone. Go through our offerings and choose what you like.

Which wall should you wallpaper in bedrooms?

In most cases, an accent wall is the best place to wallpaper as this is the wall that draws attention. In modern bedroom designs, this is the wall that is behind the headboard of your bed. So- you can go for a mural style wallpaper to add some eye-catching detail to your room and open it up. Or, you can opt for wallpapering the full bedroom- giving it a vintage and cosy feel. Just make sure that you are opting for high-quality wallpapers with beautiful designs- like you find it on Wall Curry.

How do I choose a small bedroom wallpaper?

The rule of thumb is to go for small prints to give your room a more intimate feeling, and to go for larger prints to open it up. Choose wallpaper designs that will make you room feel bigger. Go for patterns that have a continuous pattern without frequent breaks in design. Opt for neutral or lighter tones, or exterior landscapes that will give you the feeling of being out in the open.

At Wall Curry, you can get all that and more. So start surfing NOW.