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Best Wallpaper Designs for Dining Room

The dining hall is a very important area in your home. It is the place where you take your food and host your guests. It is a place that is synonymous with generosity, family and togetherness. We have the best wallpaper designs for dining rooms that can elevate it and make it a space that you will be proud to invite your guests to.

Dining room wallpapers for you

A dining room is meant for serving food. It is also the place where we often display many of our prized possessions- fancy cutlery, serving equipment, fine china, goblets and even some family heirlooms. If you want your guests to look at them and display them to full effect- go for a light, sophisticated wallpaper.

Eggshell hues, different types of whites and cold pastels, or a marble effect will be perfect for this. You make your dining hall look sophisticated without overwhelming your visitors- so that they feel comfortable and can enjoy the spread you have for them.

Floral wallpapers for dining area

Create a sense of coziness with some floral wallpapers in your dining room. You can go for a mural-style wallpaper with dark background and prominent flowers being at the front. If you have wood-colored furniture, go for a sophisticated contrast with some lighter florals in the background.

You can even go for some retro prints to give your hall that 60s vibe, and add some colorful china or table decorations to give it a quaint vibe.

Dining room wallpapers accent wall

What better place for an accent wall than a dining room? Often the most spacious place in the house- you can use the dining hall to wow with some great murals. You can opt for bold florals, stylish abstract art or urbanscapes. Murals with dark background can make the space more dramatic and serve as the perfect backdrop to gleaming china sets.

Exotic dining hall wallpapers

Who doesn’t like to feel like royalty while dining? If you want to recreate that feeling of luxury in your dining space- you can opt for some exotic themed wallpapers. Recreate a Turkish motif in brilliant blues and Byzantine patterns, or go for some gorgeous Arabesque themes. You can also go for Oriental motifs like cherry blossoms or Chinoiserie mountains.

Dining room wallpaper modern

Of course, if you are a city girl at heart- you can create a lovely urban ambience with some pop art style wallpapers. You can make Marilyn Monroe the hostess on the wall, or go for Warholesque patterns in bright colors. You can recreate a jazz quartet on the wall- because the only thing that makes food more enjoyable is good music.

Best wallpaper design for dining room

It may seem like a counter-intuitive move to have recreations of famous artists’ paintings on the wall in the dining hall, but it can create a great impact on the ambience. Imagine dining with starry nights adorning the walls around. You will feel like you are dining at a street cafe in Europe on a clear night.

Paintings of Alpine countryside, or impressionist renditions of Monet’s water lilies and similar paintings can transport you to a quiet Continental cafe.

Beautiful wallpaper for dining room

One interesting way to enliven your dining room can be to add some wallpaper to the ceiling. This works especially well with ceiling lightning. A mellow light, coupled with a rich, cozy wallpaper can create a really romantic dining atmosphere. It will help you feel relaxed and make you think of luxury candlelit dinners of yore, or of festive bonfires when food is shared by friends for special occasions.

Modern wallpaper designs for dining room

If you are living in an apartment- your dining hall may be an extension of your sitting area. You can create a separate alcove for dining if you can go with some partition screen or sculpture. Make the dining area feel more cozy with a wallpaper that is different than that of your living area.

Go for florals, retro themes or wallpapers with bold geometric patterns.  Mod-themed wallpapers can work very well with tapered furniture. Our website has many options that can help you create a statement look.

Or you can give your dining area the look of a cafe. Look for brick or woodsy patterns to add some warmth to the area, or go for some withered look to give it a distinct urban, outdoorsy field. Add some warm lights and maybe a flower vase to your table- and you will feel like you are dining out at your favourite cafe.

Busy wallpapers for dining room wall

A lot of people fear busy wallpapers and think that it shrinks the space. Well, with the right accents and furnishings, you can create a beautiful dining hall with a wallpaper with a busy print. Go for solid, neutral-colored accents and simple furniture to balance out busy florals, paisleys or geometric prints. You will find that your dining space looks more inviting and interesting.

At Wall Curry, we have something for everyone. No matter how you want to deck up your dining hall- we have just the right wallpaper for you. Just choose one that goes with the theme you have in mind, and you will have a dining room that nobody wants to leave- even after dessert has been served.

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How to choose wallpaper for dining room?

Your dining room wallpaper should be in sync with the overall theme of the space. Decide whether you want to go vintage, modern, stately or artsy. Choose your wallpaper accordingly. Large florals work well in formal dining rooms, while geometric themes can work very well with retro-futuristic looks. If your room has a more quirky, fun personality- go for smaller patterns, like mini geometric shapes, tribal motifs or polka dots.

Overall- have a look at our gallery at Wall Curry- and choose the one that you think goes best with your home.

Should I put wallpaper in my dining room?

To answer: yes, you absolutely should if you can. Wallpapers are back in fashion and are a big trend in home designing right now. Wallpapers are easy to maintain, and can make your dining area truly unique. There is a wallpaper for every decoration theme, and you can experiment to get the perfect look. They are many stylish options that you can choose from- and you can create an eating area that your guests will never want to leave. Browse the Wall Curry collection and take your pick.