halloween office decorations

Halloween Office Decorations Ideas

Halloween is an annual celebration that can be incorporated into almost any workplace. Employees may build camaraderie with their co-workers and take a fun break from their usual job duties by participating in Halloween activities. Today, let’s discuss Halloween decoration ideas and the advantages of celebrating the holiday at work.

Halloween Office Decorations

halloween office decorating ideas

Halloween is a chance for employees to show off their unique personalities while also mingling with colleagues they may not usually have contact with. The following are some Halloween-themed ideas for the workplace:

Parade And Costume Contest

A Halloween costume contest and parade will enable staff employees to dress up and witness the ingenuity shown by others in their own outfits. The parade path may take participants all the way around the office building, and then everyone can vote on the best costume for various prizes, including the scariest costume, best pair, and most innovative costume.

Include Food In The Celebrations

Food in the office may naturally add excitement and pleasure to the day. Food should be theme-appropriate and may be potluck-style, with workers bringing their own dish, or the office can supply food for the staff. Halloween Pumpkins muffins with apple cider may be served for breakfast. Mummies under a blanket, cheese dip served in a pumpkin, and ghoul punch are all possible lunch choices. Halloween trick or treating

Participants may bring in candy for the group, and everyone takes turns going around the workplace collecting candy from colleagues. Finally, each employee should receive a candy bag to munch on during the day. Trick or treating also allows employees to get to know co-workers with whom they may not usually engage throughout the workday.

1. Office Halloween Decorating Themes

A workplace may have a general theme, such as a frightening movie or a circus, on which everyone can collaborate. If the workplace is divided into teams, each team may decorate their space and dress up in accordance with the theme. Then, during the costume parade, everyone may enjoy seeing how creative their co-workers’ Halloween decoration ideas are.

2. The Photo Booth

office cubicle halloween decorating ideas

Halloween occurs just once a year, and a photo booth is a fun way to remember the occasion. Set up a background and hire a photographer for a few of hours so that all workers may take team pictures or individual images in their Halloween costumes.

Create special nooks with interesting wallpapers and paintings, which can serve as a spooky or interesting background to the photos.

3. Spider Web Made with Giant Yarn

If you believe conventional cotton spider webs are too dirty or too dull for the workplace, consider creating a massive yarn spider web instead. You just need yarn, tape, and a pair of scissors.

Choose a Halloween-appropriate yarn color, such as black, purple, etc, and make an X with it, then tape it to the wall. Then, from the floor to the ceiling, tape a vertical strand that connects with the middle of the X. Make a couple of additional crossing strands until the form resembles a spider web’s skeleton.

Finally, construct the webrings. It’s not necessary to be exact; just take a long strand of yarn and tie knots to the crisscrossed lines to complete the webform.

4. Office Cubicle Halloween Decorating Ideas

Making a paper lantern is fun yet easy Halloween décor. It’s very simple to prepare for the workplace. Simply choose a bat form, print the template, and use it as a stencil to create about 10 bats. Cut the bats out, glue them to the lantern, and hang the full moon from the ceiling.

5. Pumpkin Balloons – Halloween Office Desk Decorations

office door halloween decorating ideas

Looking for decoration that everyone in your workplace will appreciate? It’s simple to create a treat-filled balloon jack-o-lantern for each individual. Fill orange balloons halfway with Halloween candy and inflate them.

The candy corn enables the pumpkin balloons to remain stationary on top of an office desk decoration or breakroom table. Inflate and knot the balloon, then use a black marker pen to design a jack-o-lantern face on it. Make a charming or scary balloon pumpkin.

6. Halloween Office Door Decorations

Make any door into a terrifying jack-o-lantern. You’ll need orange crepe paper, black construction paper, scissors, masking tape, and a pencil to make this workplace decoration.

To begin, wrap the whole door with orange crepe paper. This doesn’t have to be exact; some random diagonal strips look best. Draw a smiling mouth, two scary eyes, and a nose, then tape each piece to the middle of the door to form a face.

7. Floating Heads – Scary Halloween Decorations For Office

You’ll need a printed photo of someone’s head on an all-white backdrop for this spooky decorations – try using yourself or co-workers. A glass jar and food coloring are all you need.

Print the picture on glossy photo paper and make sure it’s the correct size to fit inside the jar. Place the picture in the jar so that it is at the rear.

Fill the jar halfway with water, then add a few drops of green food coloring. You may also add rope or handmade moss for a creepier feel.

8. Lights In A Glass Jar

Make some Halloween glass jar lights by upcycling some canning jars. Small battery-powered lights, paint, and a marker pen are required. You may paint the articles as you like.

You may paint some of them white and make a ghost face on them, or you can paint some of them orange and create jack-o-lantern faces. Once the jars have been adorned, just switch on and insert the LED lights, then secure the jar top for a brilliant festive workplace lantern.

9. Ghosts Made Of Cheesecloth

You’ll need Styrofoam mannequin heads, cheesecloth, watered down glue, screw eyes, and fishing line to create these ethereal floating spirits for the workplace.

For each spirit, you’ll need four layers of 7-foot-long cheesecloth. Drape a piece of cheesecloth over a mannequin head, then apply adhesive to the head.

Repeat the procedure four times for each head. Then, attach a screw eye to the top of the head and hang with fishing line from a hook or ceiling tile.

10. Wreath Made With Black Paper

Get black streamers, straight pins with black heads, a Styrofoam wreath, and black ribbon to make this spooky all-black wreath. Cut the black streamers into 2-inch strips, fold in half, and pin them around the whole Styrofoam wreath.

Then, using the black ribbon, create a big bow and attach it to the bottom of the wreath. If you leave long ends hanging down from the bow, this Halloween decoration will look finest.

Keep the holiday mood alive by decorating the workplace with ghoulish decorations that are guaranteed to entertain everyone.

11. Garland For Halloween

Stock up on classic orange and black halloween party garland this Halloween. Look for touches of metallic gold for an additional burst of color.

Then, print off photos of your favorite Halloween outfits. Don’t forget to invite your co-workers to submit their finest pictures as well! Attach them to the garland with clothespins (or something similar) to make a scary but festive display.

This way, even if you’re not dressed up, you can get into a spooky mood.

12. Printable Bat Templates

Do you want to liven up those boring white walls? Darker is better—literally. To begin, go to your computer and look for bat printables. It’s now time to get out the scissors.

When you’ve cut and separated all of your bats, use wall-safe adhesive to hang each one, creating a kind of mural. If you don’t want to stain your white walls, tie a rope to each bat and hang it from a light fixture.

13. Candles – Easy Office Halloween Decorations

For this DIY technique, forget about light fittings. Let’s go back to fundamentals. Mason jars are very flexible, whether you use them as drinking glasses or as a flower container. However, during Halloween, mason jars make excellent decorative candle holders.

Once you’ve gathered your candles, put them inside the mason jar and arrange them on a shelf or desk. Consider writing scary sayings on labels and attaching them to the exterior of the jar, such as “stay calm, trick-or-treat, and carry on.”

14. Trees for Halloween

office cubicle halloween decoration ideas

Christmas trees won’t be available for a few months, but Halloween trees are just in time. To begin, take a couple of sheets of computer paper and wrap them into a cone form, similar to the medieval princess cap your children sometimes wear.

Then, this time using black crepe paper, attach it around the perimeter of your cone. Each layer will have the appearance of a multi-layered ball gown. Make a few and you’ll have a dark forest.

15. Funny Halloween Office Decorations

You don’t have time to prepare? Ghost lollipops are simple to make and well-received. Simply wrap some tissue paper or facial tissues over the lollipop’s head. Wrap it with black and orange thread (or ribbon) and you’re ready to go.

Dot two black eyeballs with a marker for a finishing touch. You’ll have delicious (and scary) goodies to give out whether your co-workers trick-or-treat throughout the day or stop by your desk before leaving work.


Halloween, or any holiday, can bring a sense of camaraderie to the workplace when office mates gather together to celebrate and have some fun.

So, celebrate this Halloween with your colleagues by using these ideas from WallCurry!


What are some cool office decoration ideas?

Wallpapers are the coolest and the easiest Halloween decorations available. You can look for them at WallCurry.

Apart from decorations what else can be done at Halloween?

A costume party or trick or treating contest is another way to go about celebrating Halloween.

Why do we say trick or treat?

The phrase is a subtle suggestion that if a treat (like candy) is given, then the child will not perform a “trick” (mischief) on the owner of the house. This popular Halloween custom has its origins in the ancient practices of “souling” and “guising.”

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