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My child – My Michelanglo

Seeing your child create his/her first drawing or painting is an emotional experience for all of us. It is their first masterpiece and they put their heart into it. It is something to treasure, whatever their age.


What better than adorning their room with their own creation which will keep inspiring the young artist. It can be that One solitary Masterpiece occupying pride of place in their room. Or a colourful naughty collage of their scribbles, sketches, paintbrushes etc. And do not forget to ask your Michelangelo to sign the bottom right corner with year – after all everyone must know who the master artist is.


‘Everything you can Imagine is REAL’

Pablo Picasso

If you want to put that treasured wedding photo, a loving family picture, that adorable kids expression or any special moment captured in a photo on your wall- we can do it for you.
Just send us the image on mail and we will ensure you can relive those special moments everyday on your walls.

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