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Your living room is where you spend the better part of your day. Shouldn’t it reflect YOUR spirit? Express yourself creatively and create an unforgettable impression on your visitors with some beautiful modern living room wallpapers.

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Best wallpaper designs for living room

The living room is THE place to go bold and big. So, bring out those statement murals. Select an accent wall and go for some eye-catching mural style wallpapers. Depending on what theme you want your living room to be, you can go for abstract prints, geometric shapes, landscapes, city views, bold florals and more!
Just make sure that the rest of the decor is in sync with your modern living room wallpaper. Whether you want to go for sleek furniture or heavy, baroque sets- stick to one theme and choose a modern living room wallpaper that will make your decor pop.
The best way to make it work is to select the right colour for your wallpaper. Remember, you can change your latest wallpaper designs for living room more often than your actual furniture or knick-knacks. So, choose a colour that goes well with the rest of your decor.

Wallpaper design for hall in an apartment

If you are living in an apartment, the hall will probably serve as your living room too. In that case, you will have more space to play with than a conventional living room. Go for wallpaper designs that play well in open spaces.
The conventional choice is to always go for a light tone- with pastels, neutrals and airy colours being perennial favourites. However, you can go for a counter-intuitive look by making the hall look cosier. Go for dark, warm colours. Dark teals, navy blues, deep emeralds, charcoals or reddish browns can really make the look in that case.

How to choose wallpaper for living room

Here is the rule of thumb- if you have a wall that you can afford to accent- go for it. Choose a modern living room wallpaper that can look grand on that wall. Go for a bold floral or a pop art motif for a bold look.
If you want to add a zen vibe to your room- you can also opt for a creative zen wallpaper that shows Lord Buddha in his serene, tranquil form or one that features seven horses. The seven horses motif is considered auspicious in Hinduism, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui- so you can be sure of bringing in some positive energy to your home.
You can also go for an eye-catching landscape or nature-themed wallpaper. If you are a nature lover, this will be a perfect opportunity to usher in a bit of the outdoors. Go for a soothing view to make your sitting area more relaxed.

Minerals and rock-themed modern living room wallpaper

For apartment dwellers, the hall often serves as an extension of the living room- or in the living room. In that case, you can create a more open space with some textured feels to the walls. If you want to go for a posh, minimalist look- opt for a marble-themed wallpaper. It can act as a great, unobtrusive background to the decor.
Or you can opt for other types of wallpapers that look like a continuation of the flooring and make the room seem larger. Go for mosaic-floor type motifs or gentle swirls in pastel colours that look like the close-ups of rocks.

Exotic living room wallpaper ideas

If you are a traveller or explorer at heart, you can showcase your passion for different cultures with your modern wallpaper designs for living room. Go for wallpapers with rich and soothing oriental motifs, or that evoke the intricately designed Turkish bath walls.
You can also go for brightly patterned Arabesque looks that will make your room look more vibrant and exotic. Wall Curry has a number of options that can help you bring these options to life.

Weathered urban wallpaper for hall wall

When it comes to giving your apartment an urban touch- you can’t go wrong with industrial or exposed brick themes. These are especially great for studio style settings. Weathered doors or windows in the background also make for great wallpaper design for hall.
You can display open brick faces, stone walls, weathered cement walls or rustic exteriors as the theme on your walls. These designs can make your rooms look very chic, and give off a soothing, artsy vibe. If you are a minimalist- you can accent one wall with a similar design and keep the rest of the decor simple to add just the right amount of visual interest to your wallpaper for hall room.

Striped wallpaper for living room wall

If you want to add some extra dimensions to your living room- and make it look a bit “extra”, go for striped wallpapers. The rules of fashion also apply to your room- if you want to make your ceilings higher, go for vertical stripes. If you need to make your rooms look wider- horizontal stripes are the way to go.
You can go for a lighter stripe if you want a low-key look or can go for bold ones to make a statement. A bold stripe can even pair well with some retro-futuristic furniture to create a truly unique look.

Artistic wallpaper designs for living room walls

If you are an art lover, or an artist yourself, why not turn your walls into a work of art? Go for a Renaissance-themed wallpaper for a singular look. Or you can pay homage to Van Gogh or Monet with some beautiful recreation of starry nights and impressionist water lilies.
We also have other impressionist depictions of country life that you will love. Note- if you are a bookworm, you can add a plush chair or couch you can curl on for your next read, and these lovely wallpapers will act as the perfect backdrop for you to weave your own story around.
At Wall Curry, we have modern living room wallpapers that make any living room the talk of the town. Take a look at our collection and choose one that speaks to you.
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What kind of modern living room wallpaper is the best wallpaper for living room?

Depending on what kind of vibe you want to give off, you should choose your wallpaper. If you have a formal living room- go for traditional patterns like marbles, whites, damask, light flowers and sober tones. If you want to shake things up go for bold colours and unconventional motifs. You can even get a bit experimental with the living room wall wallpapers.
You may have an accent wall in your living room for an eye-catching look. Opt for a bold mural, it can be a serene nature scene, a recreation of some famous painting or bold pop art. Wall Curry has them all, so take a tour of our gallery and choose the latest wallpaper for living room that speaks to you.

How do you decorate a modern living room wallpaper?

If you want to decorate your living room, you should look at using good wallpapers. Light classy living room wallpaper will open up your room, while deep ones can be used to create a cosy look. You can add some regal air with some stately patterns and use jewel tones or metallic shades to add some dazzle.
You can also go for unique wallpaper designs for living room wall. Choose your furniture, fittings and other pieces of decor accordingly. Make your decor look cohesive and you will have a living room that will be the envy and inspiration of other homeowners.